Meet Our Team

Our Founders

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Nelly Cheboi and Tyler Cinnamon met at their first software engineering jobs in Chicago in 2016. Nelly is a deeply driven native Kenyan who learned software engineering after taking an undergraduate scholarship in the United States. Tyler is an ambitious self-taught programmer who grew up immersed in technology.

In 2019, they both quit their lucrative tech jobs and relocated to Kenya to figure out ways to leverage the digital economy and unlock global opportunities for rural Africans. As a couple and software engineers, they believe that adoption of technology is the most effective equalizer.

Our School Lead Educators

Colins Rocky at the RooftopPortrait of Ronald Cheruiyot workingPortrait of Lucy Koi in a red dress doing a heart poseTeam Portraits Jackline Tanui

Our computer classes are guided by school leads, who are educators that stay in one school and oversee one classroom.

Our Board of Directors

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TechLit Africa has a small and focused board of directors who oversee the direction of the nonprofit and advise operations.

Questions About Our Team

Is TechLit hiring?

Yes, TechLit has job vacancies near Mogotio, Kenya. If you think you might apply and would like to interview as a teacher checkout out jobs page

What jobs are available at TechLit?

We have job vacancies in Kenya:

  1. School Lead Educator
  2. Specialist Educator

If you think you might apply and would like to interview as a teacher, check out our jobs page

How can I contact Nelly Cheboi?