Reducing E Waste By Re-using IT Assets In Rural African Schools

Donating Used IT Assets

We take any computer less than ten years old. We work with you to pack and ship those computers to Kenya. When they get to Kenya we wipe the hard drives and install our own custom linux desktop designed specifically for old machines and is resilient to power and networking outages.

If you have IT equipment to donate, we are here to help you plan data destruction, packing, shipping & impact reporting.

What We Use

Every working computer donated to TechLit is deployed to a classroom. Typically, donated machines are used by 8 classes per day, every school day for many years.

  1. Desktops, monitors, laptops & phones
  2. Networking Equipment
  3. Replacement Components

1. Desktops, monitors, Laptops & Phones

We take any computer less than 10 years old, as long as motherboards and laptop screens work (small scratches and defects are okay)

2. Networking Equipment

We need access points and switches to connect computers to our local LAN network.

3. Replacement Components

We also need working hard drives, memory, processors, network & graphics cards, mice, keyboards, video cables & adapters, power cables and laptop chargers

Packing & Shipping

Your donation needs to be packed and consolidated before traveling to Kenya. We may send instructions for packing, and refer you to one of our consolidation partners. On average, shipping a laptop costs $50. Covering the cost of shipping & imports enables us to focus on teaching kids.

Data Destruction

Every donated hard drive is completely erased at our warehouse in Kenya. We write two passes of random bits, then one pass of zeros. If you have specific security needs, our ITAD partners can handle your data destruction near you.

Next Steps

Send pictures and a brief description of your donation to Tyler at From there, we can choose the best option for packing & shipping.

Watch Our CNN Heroes Feature

This video by CNN explains the story behind TechLit through the eyes of our founder Nelly Cheboi.

See where your computers are going

Collins Rocky,Amos Chesire And Jacky Tanui Unloading Donated Computers At Mogotio Primary
Coding class with Code your dreams at Zawadi Yetu
TechLit Computer lab at Mogotio Primary
Primary Schools Students Celebrating Digital Lessons
Student with Eyes Closed  at a computer lab in Mogotio Primary with QWERTY on screen
Mogotio Primary Students pair programing on scratch

Questions about Donating Computers

What do you take?

We take any computer less than 10 years old, as long as motherboards and laptop screens work (small scratches and defects are okay).

Do you erase the hard drives?

We erase every hard drive at our warehouse in Kenya. We also have ITAD partners that can handle data destruction near you.

Do you cover shipping costs?

It costs us about $50 per laptop to get it to Kenya. It would be such a huge win if you could help us get those computers to Kenya. We could also work with our other donors to get your donation to the kids.

What operating system do you use?

We have our own custom linux desktop modified to work well on old computers and handle power and networking issues. After receiving your donation, we wipe the hard drives clean and install our own operating system.