Primary school students collaborating on digital literacy

Computer Classes for Rural African Schools

Digital skills unlock global opportunities.

Currently, we have 4,000 students from 10 schools across rural Kenya. We are selecting our next 100 schools in Kenya, to prepare an additional 40,000 students.

Rural Africans lack opportunities to make a living.

There are more remote jobs available online than local jobs available anywhere. TechLit students learn fundamental digital skills that will unlock global opportunities.

Watch Our CNN Heroes Feature

This video by CNN explains the story behind TechLit through the eyes of our founder Nelly Cheboi.

Questions About TechLit Africa

What does TechLit mean?

The TechLit in TechLit Africa is short for Technologically Literate. When we founded TechLit in 2018, our goal was to foster a more technologically literate Africa.

Can I donate via check?

Yes! You can mail a check to our address:

TechLit Africa
P.O. Box 455
Shabbona, Illinois
Can I have TechLit Africa in my school?

We're currently expanding to more schools in Kenya. If you would like to have TechLit in your community in Kenya, contact us on WhatsApp+254 758 462 122

Does TechLit have any job vacancies?

Yes! We have open positions in Kenya. We are almost always hiring for these roles:

  1. School Lead Educator
  2. Specialist Educator
How can I get a job at TechLit Africa?

To learn more about working at TechLit, read our jobs page: